Hiffen is here to help!  In writing the first blog; I took a step back and really asked myself, how can I help my readers not only become more organized but relieve their stress, give them back time and money in a sense as well as give them a positive next chapter in life?  In doing that, I thought it only fair that you know who I am – Breanna – Owner and Lead Organizer of Hiffen so then you can tell me who you are and how I can help answer these questions or challenges.

Who am I?

I am a professional organizer who sees my job above all else as a relationship specialist. The scope of an effective organizer encompasses the ability to develop new relationships with clients by learning about their challenges, struggles and strengths, then taking that information and developing a solution that not only adds valuable function and organization to their life; but true, proven life changes.

What is my experience?

With a combined 12 years experience as an Organizer, Account Executive and Business Development Professional, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients to transform their chaotic, cluttered lives into peaceful sanctuaries that give them a new meaning to life. Whether that’s thru giving them the craft room of their dreams, or de-cluttering their home due to a trigger that derailed their every day life to simply organizing their pantry or closets to give them peace of mind again. I am there every step of the way.

Who is my Market?

My clients are educated, insightful every day people that sometimes need a little help. If you think you are alone in this journey, then please know you are not. My clients range from C-level executives to healthcare providers to stay at home moms to baby boomers. It doesn’t matter your status or education level. When you need organizing help, I am there to provide it with confidentiality, confidence in giving you peace you desire and even some laughs along the way.

Why choose Hiffen?

I’m a worker bee driven by surpassing expectations of client’s and being a game changer in people’s lives. My best attribute I bring to the table is the know-how to see the bigger picture and then taking you down the path to achieving whatever your organizing goals may be!

I look forward to sharing ideas with you on ways I can help you become not only organized but the best you that you can be!  Follow us on FB – Hiffen Organizing – for current projects and tutorials.